frequently asked questions

So you’re on the way to booking your pet photography session with us but still have a few more questions? Here are a few questions you might be asking…

Why should I have my pet professionally photographed?

When it comes to pet photography we believe pets are an integral part of the family and therefore your photos deserve to be of the highest quality possible. At My Pet Photo you can be assured that you’re not going to get mere ‘happy snaps’ (anyone these days can do that!). Instead you are going to get professional images – images that are composed well and where attention to detail is valued. All images are evaluated and processed in post production using the latest software and colour calibrated monitors to bring out the very best in every image.

In addition, all artwork pieces are made from the very best materials – from museum quality paper and canvases to hardwood canvas frames.

And finally, as both an Accredited AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography) member and a professional graphic designer, you can be rest assured you are not only in good hands but you’re going to get a beautiful product.

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How do I book a shoot?

It’s easy. Simply click here to get the ball rolling or call Fiona on 0432 897 537. We will need to know a little bit about you and your pet to get the best out of your shoot and work out which session will best suit your needs.

Where does my photo shoot take place?

Anywhere you like – home, a local park, the beach, an urban scene or any special place of significance to you. The location you choose and the variety of photos you want will determine which session is best suited for your needs. If unsure we’re happy to guide you in the right direction.

Please note – if you own a cat, most cat photography sessions will take place indoors (ie. at home or in studio) unless they are comfortable being outdoors on a lead.

How long does each session take?

It depends on the type of session you choose. Our Classic pet photography session generally runs for up to an hour and is usually enough time if all you are after is a single piece of artwork. On the other hand a Deluxe pet photography session can last between 2-3 hours – so you can imagine just how many photos we can get taken during that time!

Ideally, if you’re after a greater variety of images to choose from, we strongly recommend the Deluxe Session (particularly if there are two or more pets or if you want your photos to include people). If we go overtime we don’t mind – getting the right shots is of more important to us.

How do I prepare for the shoot?

Don’t worry. Once you’ve made a booking we will send you a Pre-Shoot Preparation Guide outlining in detail what you can do to help make the photo shoot the best it can be.

What happens during the shoot?

Our pet photography shoots are aimed at providing you with as much variety of images of your pet to choose from as possible. To do this we will spend some time with your pet, making sure they trust us and are feeling comfortable with the camera. We will then begin the shoot. We may often make weird noises, hold up treats, balls and squeeze toys to grab your pet’s attention. It’s fun and there’s sure to be lots of laughs!

You may be asked to get involved with us in crafting the right set ups. This could be something as simple as giving your pet commands to giving them treats and throwing toys for them to chase. It may mean a few takes to get the shot right so a little patience will be required – but it will be a lot of fun!

What happens after the shoot?

After the shoot we will take the images to our studio and begin working on them to produce the very best selection from the session. Once prepared (allow 1-2 weeks) we will organise a viewing of the best shots.

Here you have the opportunity to order artwork pieces ranging from individual prints (framed or unframed), canvases, boxed canvases, acrylic ice block prints, luxury albums, brag books and so on. We can also design a collection and offer packages at discounted prices.

How much does a typical client spend?

Most clients will start around $600 – $1200 (including session and products). We do offer interest free, flexible payment plans as well.

How long does it take to produce my products?

Images are available to view approximately 1-2 weeks after your shoot. This will give us enough time to get your images just right! Orders usually take between 2-3 weeks, depending on size and quantity.

Do you sell digital files?

There is something special about seeing images printed and displayed around your home or office. When given digital files, there is a high risk that those images will just sit in a desk drawer. Having said that, if you are still interested in receiving digital images, we do offer them.

High resolution digital files start at $140 per image. If you are wanting to purchase multiple digital files we have packages available. Contact us for details.

Please note: we do provide complimentary low-resolution, watermarked digital files of images from every corresponding product you order. These are perfect for social sharing, digital frames and archiving on your personal computer.

Can my family be in the photoshoot?

Of course! You’re family! You and your family are the most important part of your pet’s life and so it makes good sense to be included in some of the shots.

Remember though – we will need to make sure that your pet is not distracted by too many people calling his/her name. Also, if you want humans in some of the pictures please make sure you’re wearing clothes that are appropriate for both the weather conditions as well as the style of the shoot. Unless you purposely want something way-out, try to coordinate clothing style as much as possible.

What if it rains?

Many of the animals we shoot will be in an outdoor setting, so we always need to consider the weather and best lighting times.

Every season and weather condition provides different photo opportunities. Cloudy days, for example, are perfect for outdoor shots as they are a natural light diffusing filter. Having said that Melbourne weather can be a challenge and we understand that some conditions may be too severe or unpredictable and may require rescheduling. If you have booked an outdoor session and it rains we are happy to reschedule or relocate. If it’s not raining we will continue with the session as planned.

Can my dog stay on lead during the shoot?

Yes. It’s quite common for us to do the entire shoot with pets on a lead. The photographer will direct the shoot so that the lead is hidden wherever possible. It can be removed during the post production and editing process.

What if I need to postpone my photoshoot?

We understand that some circumstances are out of our control but we appreciate as much advance notice as possible. We can then try and reschedule the shoot. If there is multiple rescheduling this may result in an additional session fee.

How far do you travel?

Generally we will travel within one hour of our studio free of charge. Anything outside that will incur a small fee. We are also happy to travel interstate or even overseas if you so desire. Please contact us for a quote.

Do you photograph all kinds of pets?

Dog photography, cat photography, horse photography, birds, snakes, lizards… even pet rocks – we’re open to anything! Nothing is too big or too small. In fact our business started from photographing elephants and other wildlife. Check out our wildlife images.

How many pets can I bring to the shoot?

The Classic Session allows for one pet. The Deluxe Session allows for 2 pets but you can add as many as you like. Extra pets are $40 each. If you have a large group of pets to photograph please contact us.

Do you sell gift vouchers?

We sure do! They’re a great gift for your family, friends and loved ones. Click here to order.